Desmond & Irine

Desmond D’Cunha hails from Bajpe, Mangalore and was raised in Mumbai, India along with many Goan families in SOUTH MUMBAI. As member of The Catholic Gymkhana exposed him to a mix of GOAN & MANGALOREAN cultures and food.
Having completed his Chef Training at the Oberoi Sheraton, Mumbai he moved to the Middle East and owned and operated the only Goan and Mangalorean Restaurant and catering unit popularly known as ‘City Kitchen’ in the U.A.E.
Irine also hails from Mangalore but she moved to Bangalore and coming from a hospitality background got involved in operating a catering unit known as “RELISH CATERERS” specialising in Manglorean & Goan delicacies. Pork Dishes & Sannas were one of the most popular dishes among many others.

Bring Home the true taste of home

MANGO MIRCHI established in 2008 by Desmond & Irine D’CUNHA with specializing in Mangalorean & Goan Cuisine catering to the vast community existing in Greater Toronto, Ontario.

On migrating to Canada they noticed a lack of restaurants or catering services dishing out traditional Mangalorean and Goan Delicacies. After a lot of speculations they took the plunge, like most daredevils do, resigned their day jobs and started off with the head-line of “Take Home The True Taste of Home” and launching the first ‘MANGO MIRCHI’ outlet in Canada, catering to the community to experience the true taste of Mangalorean and Goan cuisine.

Most of their recipes have been passed down from their mothers and grandmothers who perfected Mangalorean and Goan cooking, However, the memory of the taste of these foods they prepared is fast being forgotten with the new trends in the food industry.

According to Desmond and his wife “Mango Mirchi’s speciality is catering to pre-wedding functions known as ‘Roce’ ceremony. Our expertise in preparing dishes for this function is second to none. Every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients that embody simplicity and humility, cooked and served with love. For those, who are longing for the true taste of home, Mango Mirchi is the place. And we’re just a phone call away.”

MAN GO no doubt is a fruit but it is a fusion of Mangalore & Goa the 2 cities on the west coast of India with Christians having a common language ( Konkani ) and cultures. MIRCHI means Chilly.

Our food is best enjoyed if different dishes are ordered and shared giving a great experience in the exotic taste of the variety of spices

We also specialize in Some North Indian & Other daily specials from different parts of India

Here are a few of the popular Signature items they specialize in:


A spongy, white, and slightly sweet steamed rice cake.

Mutton Polov:

A typical stew made out of roasted coconut and ground spices, mutton and ash pumpkin.


A Pork delicacy for both the Goans and Mangaloreans usually prepared and served at festive occasions.

Vorn Or Godshe:

A very popular and ethnic sweet dish prepared by our great grandmothers with Jaggery, coconut milk and lentils or rice.


A steamed dish of colocasia leaves mixed with ground rice and spices, added to coconut gravy.

Channa (chick peas) and Tendli(gerkins) Sukka:

An authentic sweet and spicy dish made with fresh coconut.

Pork Vindaloo:

Another delicacy known around the world made with fresh aromatic spices and Goan vinegar.

Fish Fry (Rechado and Meet Mirsanga):

A very aromatic, flavorful and quite hot Goan Masala used for marinating, stuffing and frying any kind of seafood. Rechado means “stuffed” in Portuguese. Popular Goan and Magalorean Fish and meat Coconut curries.

Potato Chops:

A Potato pie stuffed with ground meat cooked with aromatic house spices, coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried with egg batter.

Pan Rolls:

A pancake with filling of ground meat cooked with aromatic house spices, coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried with egg batter.

Mango Mirchi not only recreates Goan and Mangaloarean delicacies, but they also prepare a variety of coastal dishes from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Chennai which brings the entire coastal community under one roof, and a thatched one with coconut and palm fronds to feast, share and party with Mango Mirchi.